Our Team

Pestmaster Services of San Diego County is proud to introduce to you our team. We hire only the best to keep you pest free! We work hard, have fun and are looking forward to years of growth together with customer satisfaction as our number one goal. Our Team is what makes Pestmaster Services the right choice.

From left to right:

Doug KaDellDoug KaDell has been an awesome addition to our team. He came to us in June 2015 with over 20 years of experience, his Branch 2 Pest Control and Branch 3 Termite licenses. Doug is one technician who knows his stuff and has really turned into our “go to” guy! Customers love him and he is competing with Tony for the most Yelp and Google+ reviews. You will see Doug in the North County Inland, Temecula, Murrieta and Fallbrook areas, as well as the Del Mar Fairgrounds.


Nick226x154Nick Georgi is our newest member of our Pest Control Team. You may have seen him riding along with Doug and Tony over the summer as he underwent our strict and thorough training. He earned his Pest and Termite Control Applicator licenses and is now on his own route. Nick is excited about his new career and already studying for additional licenses in the field. We have had several customers call to tell us how good he is and are proud to have him on our team.


Isaac LobatosIsaac Lobatos started with Pestmaster Services in October 2013. He was trained by us, received his applicator licenses and now has his Branch 2 Pest Control License. Isaac has turned out to be a very reliable technician. His clients know that he will take good care of them. His route is mainly at our government locations, and North County Coastal.


Bart VanDiepenBart VanDiepen is the Owner, Operator and Termite Inspector of Pestmaster Services. His 30 years of experience and focus on high value and quality service sets the tone for the company. He leads by example and creates an environment for everyone to feel ownership of their routes. Bart has a passion for the industry and is always looking at new technology with a critical and hopeful eye. He brings new ideas and innovations to regular team meetings and values his employee’s input.


Amy226x205Amy Medina has recently celebrated 20 years as the Office Manager with Pestmaster Services. When you call, it is most likely her voice you will be hearing on the other end of the line. She is Bart’s right hand and manages all the crew, plus all the client accounts. Rainy calls her the Pest Control guru. Let’s face it. We would be lost without our Amy and a short bio does not do her justice!


Rainy BromsRainy Broms, AKA The New Girl, started in February 2015 as the Bookkeeper and Marketing Administrator. With her education and experience in business management she has quickly expanded her duties to include HR and more. Her goal is to assist the company to grow successfully while maintaining the customer service levels of a small company. Soon you will find “The New Girl in Pest Control” videos online telling you all she has learned about the industry.


Tony PerezTony Perez started with Pestmaster Services in October 2014. He was promoted to Field Manager in July 2015. He has over 20 years of experience, his Branch 2 Pest Control license and is certified in EcoWise. You will find Tony at some of our hospitals and out in the field around the 52 Freeway and South. He has the most reviews on Yelp and Google+ and you can read more about him HERE.


Tim EvansTim Evans is a superstar with about 10 years of experience, his Branch 2 and 3 Licenses and a history of training others in the industry. Tim started with Pestmaster Services in August 2015 He is assisting Tony in our ongoing training meetings and can be found North County Costal and at  government sites.


Juan PerezJuan Perez has been with Pestmaster Services Termite Repair Team since February 2006. This man knows no limits. Juan is always working hard as one of our two carpenters doing termite repair and can also be seen riding along our Pest Control Team and helping where he can.


Victor ArmijoVictor Armijo, our newest carpenter, has several years of experience and came highly recommended. In addition to working on our Termite Repair Team, he has been remodeling our office with his tremendous skills. Victor is studying for his Pest Control Applicator license and will be assisting in Termite Treatments and at some of our government and commercial sites as well.