Honey, The Bees Are Home

Flying insects are swarming due to an early spring heat, especially the bees. We have received many questions about extermination vs. hive relocation. The main points to consider are safety, type of bee, and cost. While it is true that there is a pollinator decline across the nation, our county, especially in metropolitan areas, is not experiencing the lack of bee population.


Safety first. Reports show that about 80% of the bees in San Diego County have been Africanized. What that means, is that they tend to be more aggressive. While they have the same amount of venom as the European Honey Bee, they attack in swarms and will attack you with in 50 feet of their hive and pursue you for 1/4-1/2 a mile. If you are being attacked, your best bet is to seek shelter, like a car. Add that about 3% of the population are allergic to bees, there is a good reason to do a quick extermination in public parks, water meters and suburban neighborhoods.


Most people are not aware that we do offer relocation of hives. This can be more time consuming if we need to bait and trap them over the course of days or even weeks. If the hive is complete and we can capture the queen, it can be much faster, even same day. We also have the use of vacuums, but we find most of the hive is killed in that process, even with low pressure, and use it only when there is no alternative except extermination. It is always up to the owner of the property on which type of removal we do. Relocation is more costly than extermination, but those who have their minds on ecology prefer this method, and we are right there with you.


Swarming insects are best to be left alone. But once they start to nest in your home or garden, Pestmaster Services is the right choice to keep your family and neighborhood safe.

Source: San Diego Department of Agriculture Africanized Bee Document